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10th Floor Stockholm

Experience exclusivity and privacy at its finest by renting the 10th floor. Perfect for intimate events, meetings, or exclusive gatherings, this floor offers a level of privacy that is unmatched.

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10th floor, exclusive and curated for you.

The 10th floor is a unique space that offers the perfect combination of privacy and convenience. This floor can be rented for various events, meetings or gatherings, and comes equipped with all the necessary amenities.

The 10th floor provides an ideal setting for events that require privacy, comfort, drinks and exquisite food.

Nordrest 10th Floor 2
Nordrest 10th Floor 19
Nordrest 10th Floor 20
Nordrest 10th Floor 25
Nordrest 10th Floor 11
Nordrest 10th Floor 14

All your experiences on one floor. 10th floor.


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