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10th Floor Stockholm

Experience exclusivity and privacy at its finest by renting the 10th floor. Perfect for intimate events, meetings, or exclusive gatherings, the venue offers a level of privacy that is unmatched.

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Welcome to the 10th floor experience.

Imagine a space that’s not just a floor, but a captivating experience. The 10th floor is that unique gem where privacy and convenience intertwine, creating a haven that’s perfect for a variety of occasions.

Whether you’re planning a lively get-together, a productive meeting, or a special event, the 10th floor is here to cater to your every need. All you have to do is to contact us and we’ll do the rest. 

*We have a capacity of 24 sitting guests and 30 standing guests. 

What's in store for you when you rent the 10th floor?

A blend of privacy and convenience

10th floor is designed to offer you the best of both worlds. You’ll find the privacy you need to host your event, along with the convenience of a thoughtfully equipped space. It’s a canvas where you can craft your vision without any interruptions.

All the bells and whistles

We’ve thought ahead so you don’t have to. The 10th floor comes fully loaded with amenities that make your event planning a breeze. High-quality audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating, and more are at your fingertips.

Intimate and cozy ambiance

When your event requires that extra touch of privacy and comfort, the 10th floor steps up. It’s a sanctuary where you and your guests can relax and be yourselves, fostering meaningful connections and discussions.

Culinary delights to savor

Good food and drinks are the heart of any gathering. Our curated menu is designed to delight your taste buds, paired with a selection of beverages that add a touch of sophistication to your event. It’s a feast for your senses.

Seamless and attentive service

At the 10th Floor, your enjoyment is our mission. Our all-inclusive package ensures you can focus on having a great time, while our attentive team takes care of the details. From setup to service, we’re there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Flawless execution

We’re not just about hosting events; we’re about making them unforgettable. Whether it’s a meeting that needs that extra touch of professionalism, a celebration that demands comfort and style, or a unique event that deserves a memorable setting, the 10th floor is here to make it happen. It’s not just a floor; it’s an experience tailor-made for you. 

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Nordrest 10th Floor 20
Nordrest 10th Floor 25
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All your experiences on one floor. 10th floor.

Evenemangsgatan 31

169 79 Solna

Design av Compani 56 - Varumärkes- & reklambyrå i Karlskrona


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